What will they think of next?

Golf Ball Belt Buckle - an idea that was created by a golf professional looking to enhance and accessorize his golf attire!  Well didn't he turn a few heads with the first ever Golf Ball Belt Buckle, so much so, that the idea was launched and patented and ready for sale to the public.  After teaming up with long time business partner on yet another project both golf professionals are proud to introduce this product to you and hope that you will enjoy your Golf Ball Buckle for years to come.


Welcome to the patented Golf Ball Buckle! The first belt buckle of its kind which is proving to be a huge hit to golf fans! We have five fashionable golf ball belt buckle styles to choose from which you can customize with your golf ball preference or alternatively, if you have a special hole-in-one golf ball or sports team golf ball, you are welcome to send it to us and we will custom fit it into your belt buckle. Our website displays several popular options of golf balls which you are free to choose from as well. The belt is optional and sold separately. It is currently available in two colour choices, white or black Italian leather.